Saturday, October 31, 2015


The SINAI peninsula is filled with insurgents, mainly targeting Egyptian security forces, especially since the military toppled Mohammed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood from power, and conducted elections which brought one of theirs, (former General) Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi into power as president.

Some of these terrorist groups are allied with the ISLAMIC STATE, IS (ISIS) which is in control of large swathes of land in Iraq, while battling the governments in Iraq and Syria. A few weeks back, Russia waded in on the side of President Bashar Al-Assad of Syria in a bid to rid the country of elements of the Islamic State, to the anger of the terrorist groups operating in Syria, as well as the opposition groups and to the chagrin of the Americans and her western allies.

So, when a Russian airliner ferrying more than two hundred tourists back home to Russia, disappeared over the Sinai peninsula this morning, only one thing came to my mind, considering recent threats issued by ISIS to their cells to target Americans and Russians, as well as their interests worldwide, which was followed by recent arrests claimed by Russia's security agencies, even in Moscow of people alleged to be planning attacks on the homeland, that maybe this was the outcome of a terrorist attack, probably by ISIS.


When it came over the wire later today, that a group loyal to ISIS had claimed responsibility for downing the plane, I wasn't surprised especially considering the region in which the plane disappeared from the radar. What surprised me however, was how Russia swallowed its pride to claim that the crash could likely be due to the age of the aircraft (something it may not do under different circumstances), citing examples of other planes of its kind which had also experienced unfortunate endings and near-unfortunate situations to buttress its point, rather than agree that the plane was downed by terrorists, which would be sure to draw discontent at home amongst the Russian people, who may begin to question the Kremlin's position on Syria.

I really would like to believe the Russian narrative that there could be no way the terrorists' portable surface-to-air, anti-aircraft missile launchers could reach the airliner at the height it was flying when it went off the radar, but you know how with these terrorists one couldn't be too certain about their capabilities, till one finds them exceeding long held limited expectations of them, and compared with a Kremlin that needs a supportive populace for the kind of news they will find convenient to put out as cause of the crash. For now what is most politically correct to do (while awaiting the result of investigations into the likely cause of the crash), is to pray for the repose of the dead, and wish their families the fortitude to bear the huge losses and void this crash would have brought them. Hmmmmmn!




  1. Even security experts have claimed that a plane flying at that altitude would be beyond the range of a shoulder-launched surface-to-air missile which Sinai militants are known to possess. What then could be the actual cause of the national tragedy? Although, it's wise never to under estimate the capabilities of those scums of the earth. Unlike how Russia was very quick to dismiss them, owing to obvious egoistic reasons. The world yet again, weeps the loss of lives in a fatal plane crash.

    1. I totally agree with you, and with experts' claim, but like you also think the terrorist group shouldn't be underestimated, knowing full well that ISIS became what it is today because it was underestimated from the onset.

      It is a rather strange coincidence that the plane had to go down where it did, and at the time (with Russia's involvement in Syria) it did, hence you may not want to blame the Russians for rushing to the next available option as more like what they'd rather take as the truth about the crash.

      It is very unfortunate that people have to die in plane crashes, whether of terrorist acts, act of God, or happenstance. The frequency of such crashes these days makes me wonder if Air Travel is still the safest means of travel, as transport experts would like us to continue to believe.