Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I spent much of yesterday watching the remix of 50 Cents' "I'M THE MAN" featuring the very talented Chris Brown, 'pon the replay on YouTube ( Even as I write this, it plays in the background in my ears. This is like the best I've gotten out of this duo together, most likely my first collabo from them if memory serves me right, unfortunately it had to be of a song that would make feminist the world over whimper with righteous anger. The male masochism isn't just evident in the lyrics, but even in the video.

The four females or video vixens as they call 'em these days in the video, did nothing but waltz lazily in the pool and bedroom, moving sensually and seductively, when not smoking shisha, or e-cigarettes, they are semi-nude and saying zilch (not even the usual dancing or twerking allowed them)", while the "MEN" (Fi'ty and Chris) fully clothed, non-smoking nor drinking, serenade them and us with lyrics about what art they could sculpt with female bodies in ways that couldn't even be directed at inanimates, such as property we own, just to show us how "manly" they both are.

Even in the hook (which in fact is the closest attempt both made at keeping the song "clean", repeated resoundingly thrice, so you don't miss anything) we aren't spared the inanities, they both croon -
       "Bitch, I'm the Man,
         Hoe, I'm the Man,
         You know I'm the Man...."
And you wouldn't but agree with me that this particular song is the anthem in waiting for acceptance by sexists.


Interestingly, Chris Brown did something similar with 50 Cents' arch nemesis, Rick Ross in "SORRY", almost making me think both artistes, who have no love lost for each other, intended through their songs featuring Chris,  to prove to male folk their "manliness" (though not unusual in their hip-hop and rap music world), in how far they can go to degrade women, in order to win over to their sides the core of their misogynist audience, who see nothing in women besides bed warmers or at best a play things or sex toys. I couldn't help but imagine that in carrying out their mission, they employed one of the best male voices in the industry, with a history of battery (well, against Rihanna mainly), who was supported by male industry peeps from going under when the world turned on him (besides the fact that no one with a gift as he possesses can simply go under just like that).

Now, you may want to ask why the same song has been 'pon the replay in my ears since I stumbled upon it yesterday, and why before that "Sorry" had been for weeks on end? It's because of the great beats, even the word play is head shattering, hence difficult for me to ignore. If only gospel music could sound like that, but unfortunately this is how things are, and I've heard it said severally that Lucifer was a great musician while in heaven, and if he's at the heart of the great secular music been churned out these days, then it is hardly surprising what we get, as well as the effect these songs are having on impressionable tabula rasa minds, and by extension in relationships with the opposite sex.

It doesn't even look like this song is going to get the kinda negative publicity that greeted Rick Ross' "molly..." verse in U.O.E.N.O., that appeared to condone rape, which almost cost him a Reebok endorsement, and kept that version of the song by Rocko off some airwaves for sometime. Feminists the world over should probably shudder at this but would probably be too overcome by the silky sound to give a Damn about raising their voice against it (one amongst just so many for that matter), but what do I know? Okay, that's it! My thoughts out there for you, about how I feel about this great slow, rap and R&B song blasting my ear drums away right now, as I make my way through Lagos traffic to work. Do have yourself a fun filled day y'all.



Monday, May 9, 2016


Nigeria can never be a nation until the constituent parts resolve the conditions under which the units can coexist as an indivisible entity. Several attempts made in the past through constitutional and/or national conferences fell short of achieving the desired goals because of the exclusion of germane and very fundamental aspects considered to be "no-go areas",  as well as insincerity on the part of the conveners, amongst a myriad of other factors.

The system that currently subsists breeds and perpetuates only mutual suspicion, and is at the root of everything that is wrong with this country, including corruption. I singled out corruption because this government's attempt to nip it in the bud, though commendable despite its one-sided outlook, is just like treating the symptom rather than the disease.

Unfortunately, the much touted change by this President Buhari's government, has ended up being much of the same, as after getting into power, the government appeared to have found that the path to nationhood is Herculean (though not necessarily unattainable), thinking only to make do with the system they met on ground, rather than employ a more radical and holistic approach in tackling the challenges of nationhood and nation building.

I understand the fears expressed in certain quarters, that a Sovereign National Conference without "No-Go Areas" can birth a situation where delegates may propose a split of the country into it's constituent parts, and the possibility is high especially if one considers the "self determination" struggles in the Southeast region, which has once before gone to war to press for same, or the now resuscitated restiveness in the South-South region with militant groups on the prowl, of which one of the demands of the group championing the present attacks on Nigeria's major source of revenue been a National Conference along the lines many Nigerians have been advocating, a clear departure from the agitations of the past, which was "resource control".


But if people of a country do not want to be part of it, why shouldn't their demand be acceded to, especially if there are democratic means by which such sentiments can be gauged for level of acceptance? South Sudan did it, even in the United Kingdom, Scotland tested the popularity of their independence campaign but lost, so why should Nigeria continue to shut the door to such a proposal, while inundating the ears of the comity of nations with such sad and unfortunate news that continue to point to the fact only, that the people would rather not smell the scent of those of a different tribe or religion if they can help it, expressing that desire in the most violent of ways at every given opportunity.

It is why any so called change that doesn't factor the reorganization of the entity called Nigeria, with the implementation of recommendations from a tete-a-tete of the nations that make it up is NO CHANGE, but a perpetuation of same old ideas that has brought us to the unenviable position we are today. If only we could find that bold and charismatic leader, with a party that believes in same objectives that will find the political will (or just manage to pull the majority of the Nigerian people in that regard in making that superior argument), to take this bull by the horn, to do the necessary that's needed to turn Nigeria in the path it should take to attain a federal, or Confederacy status, or even a split into it's major parts, as it is apparent that this pseudo-federal, unitary system cannot yield any good beyond the bit that it has so far afforded, while the fragile attachments continue to loosen further by the day.