Tuesday, November 10, 2015


This CANDY CRUSH SAGA game must've been meant to be played for life. For me the whole thing started on Facebook with invites from friends to play coming up frequently in notifications to my annoyance and frustration. I even had to block a friend at some point as the "invite" notification seemed to be the only activity he had on Facebook, besides the annual birthday notification. Such was my dislike for the game even before I saw what it looked like or had the opportunity to play it.

A female colleague at work played it to a fault, once she found free space off work. I don't know if it was because of the game, or for the fact that that was the only thing she thought worthy to use her high end HTC phone (at the time) to do that got me angry, and she continued even till now that she has an IPhone 6. All of that just put the game in bad light for me, and I would've stayed my anger had my wife not been stricken with the bug, leading to her making her phone her boyfriend, if not her husband, for all intents and purposes (and I wouldn't even want to further expatiate). This was CANDY CRUSH SAGA, CCS bringing the battle home to me I thought, but if the intention it had was to put asunder my fledgling marriage, then I was prepared to have none of it.

Before you begin to get the wrong impression of me, you must know that I am a gamer, probably not the "ghen-ghen" type, but I have paid my dues and still paying. From the SUPER MARIO BROS. (with "Ibè lo ma kúsí" sounds like those you'd hear in the old Ebenezar Obey and Sunny Ade Juju music albums of yore)  days, to Nintendo, Brick Game, before mobile phones came with encore Brick Game, to SNAKE XENZIA of those torch Nokia Phones, to Video Games and Computer Games, where my love was more with Car Racing especially the ASPHALT and NEED FOR SPEED Series, and now looking forward to my next birthday gift of a PS4 which I may gift myself, if after shouting myself hoarse, none of my so called friends haven't deemed it fit to take it up as birthday gift for me.  Only that I had determined to not make CCS a part of my menu.

Providence was yet going to bring Candy Crush Saga my way in much a direct manner than I could have ever imagined, and it came in the most unexpected of ways. Before the launch of WINDOWS 10, I had gotten a message from MICROSOFT that my laptop has been chosen as one of many worldwide that will be able to download the latest offering free of charge. When I was eventually prompted to download the close to 3GB program online a few weeks back, it came with it the game, as the only game in the package while other games where routinely advertised on XBOX, like they knew that there could be no way in Hell I would be made to download CCS from STORE if it hadn't been gifted me on a platter, except if I had a gun pointed to my head.

The fact that I saw it as part of the "Windows 10" baggage didn't even encourage me to play the game until a fortnight ago, after watching a movie on my laptop. I intended to have my bath that Sunday morning before planning how to lazily burn out the day, when in attempting to power off the laptop, my finger mistakenly moved the cursor to the CCS part, which didn't waste a second to come up and begin to load. I decided to play just one game and see the heck that drives people crazy about the game. One game, then two, and then I didn't have my bath at all on that day, took the next day off of work, only finding free time to do other things when I find it difficult to advance to the next stage, for which I call my wife (if at home), or my female colleague at work, to use their expertise to see me through, before I go back to the game.

It was the fact that besides playing the game for years and months on end, these ones were yet to finish it that made me conclude that it must be a game meant to be played for a lifetime. I have learnt not to always play the computers' suggestions  except where there are no other viable or better options, as well as the trick of moving time forward and then back to deceive the game when it tells you that you need to wait hours (even as long as seventy-two hours) before you can continue to the next stage or repeating a stage you failed to cross severally, amongst others. I had thought, in the early days, that I would never be like "CCS Believers" but with each passing day I find myself doing otherwise. Not even my refusal to download unto my phone has in any way abated my penchant for the game, and I hope that very soon I won't have to need rehab to be weaned off this game. Hmmmmmmn!


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  1. Woah. An addict again? I still don't know what is in that game! Www.rosyomeje.com

    1. It was never my intention to be addicted to this game Rosemary, as this game was one I worked very hard to ignore.

      Since I touched it, I've not been able to take my hands off it. It's just crazy what the game could do to you.

  2. Nice read. Everything you wrote based on your initial experiences with CCS are hugely similar to mine. It now remains if I may end up as you. Even with my wife being carried away with the game, I deliberately refused to go close to know even a little about it. Some day, I may finally succumb.

    1. That game is like a very addictive HARD DRUG, and the best way to stay off is never to play it, and from what I see, it appears to not have an end, and I fear it may take a lifetime to finish, and by that with ones' demise.

      I could never have guessed that I would be in this situation today, yet I am only scratching the surface only o. Ah!



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