Sunday, March 27, 2016


The mouth is the gateway to the body, and it isn't unusual to find a healthy mouth pointing to a healthy body, as indeed you can also find in the mouth the manifestation of several systemic disease conditions. Hence, many people hitherto unaware of conditions such as diabetes became aware of such after a visit to the dentist, because of a peculiar presentation in the mouth that dentists can pick during examination.

Even the above illustration is taking things far, as the mouth itself needs some taking care of as it is a part of the body that can make or mar interpersonal relationships, of which a good one can go a long way in enhancing a person's self-esteem and the likes. The reason many people do not have a dental appointment in their "tight" schedule is because of largely exaggerated negative experiences of others, mostly built around the administration of the local anaesthetic (and it's efficacy during dental procedures), which is a necessary discomfort and nothing more, amongst a few genuine cases of bad experiences with dentists in the past, besides the fear from childhood of parents who may have threatened to punish them with visits to the dentist for misbehaving.

Such people will therefore find themselves visiting dentists only when they have serious dental issues (like needing an extraction of a badly broken down tooth) to deal with, further cementing their long held convictions about the dentist, dental clinics and dentistry as a whole. The idea then is to walk in the opposite direction, to ensure to see the dentist routinely for prophylactic procedures such as Scaling and Polishing, even when there's "nothing" wrong with the teeth. In this way,even the early stages of oral diseases are nipped in the bud, once noticed by the dentist.

The way out of dental challenges therefore isn't to visit the dentist only when there's pain, a swelling or the likes in the mouth that is discomforting, but frequently when nothing is wrong, just so that the dentist can continue to maintain the mouth in the good condition we would love them to be. Yes, you might see a dentist feeling great with yourself and the good work you've been doing with your mouth and teeth, only to come off disappointed when s/he draws your attention to an area of your mouth or a condition you have not noticed, but that shouldn't be a valid reason to detest coming to see a dentist, rather one you should even be happy about as it would've been worse had the dentists failed to see the condition.

Dentists must not be seen just as doctors but as friends, and though dental care may be a little bit expensive, a listening one that's also a friend can easily be reasoned with to accommodate a financial plan that wouldn't break your bank and still get you the best care even the very rich can afford, when you don't have health insurance, many of which also have limited dental cover. Understand that seeing your dentist may just save your life, and do the needful by doing the cheap routine visits today than the very expensive sparse visits during dental emergencies tomorrow.


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