Monday, September 28, 2015


From last night and for the next one week, Jews worldwide will be celebrating the FEAST OF TABERNACLES | madukovich's cogitations, but it might interest you to know what significance this feast has especially as regards YAHWEH's calendar, as I have always stated that this feast is part of.

A perusal of my post mentioned above will impress upon you on the why it behooves on us to continue to observe this feast, if not for anything else but because YAHWEH instructs us to do so as a Statute FOREVER.  As an indication of the "everlastingness" of this feast, the prophet Zachariah foretells of events (during the one thousand year reign of Yahshua, after the FIRST RESURRECTION in which the dead in Yahshua shall rise, while the believers alive will have their CORRUPTIBLE body change for INCORRUPTIBLE -1 Corinthians 15:53-  to rule with Him) of those days in which, "... the survivors from all the nations that have attacked Jerusalem (in the last war before the end) and lost to become subservient, will go up year after year to worship the King, YAHWEH Almighty, and to celebrate the Festival of TABERNACLES" (Zachariah 14:16) and goes on further to state in verse 17 that "if any of the peoples of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to worship the King, YAHWEH Almighty, they will have no rain."

This One thousand year reign will be such that while Satan is locked up in the bottomless pit (Revelations 20:2-3), the non-believers who were alive at the time of the Second Coming of Yahshua will have that period on earth to ruminate over how they had lived their lives before His coming and will have a chance to turn a new leaf with admonitions coming off the mouths of saints (the dead in Yahshua who had resurrected and the living whose bodies have changed, both to become immortals at His second coming) from Jerusalem (Yah-Ru-Shalayim in Hebrew, where they will Rule with Yahshua) till the one thousand years "of Grace" is over and Satan is once again released.

Not many of the unbelievers at the time of Yahshua's second coming will be convinced to change their ways and turn to YAHWEH within that of one thousand year period, and these will be allied with Satan at the time of his release, to wage war against Jerusalem (Revelations 20:9) but will be roundly defeated (with his large army) and cast into the LAKE OF FIRE and brimstone. This event will be followed by the SECOND RESURRECTION involving those who had died without the knowledge of YAHWEH or Yahshua or the Good News (Revelations 20:12), these ones will be judged "..according to their WORKS (of good and evil)" only, "And whosoever was not found written in the BOOK OF LIFE was cast into the lake of fire".

After the Devil and Death would've been defeated, a New Heaven and a New Earth will replace the old (Revelations 21:1), and according to John a New Jerusalem will come down out of Heaven, accompanied with a great voice saying, "...Behold, the TABERNACLE of YAHWEH is with men, and HE will dwell with

them, and they shall be his people, and YAHWEH himself shall be with them, and be their MIGHTY ONE" (Revelations 21:3), and so it shall be restored, that relationship YAHWEH once had with Man (Adam) before THE FALL.

This is the main essence of which we celebrate or observe the Feast of Tabernacles for Seven Days (seen by not a few people to signify the SIX THOUSAND YEARS allocated to man and the ONE THOUSAND YEAR reign of Yahshua at his second coming) and the LAST GREAT DAY, after the feast of Tabernacle described as the Eighth Day - "And I appointed the eighth day also, that the eighth day should be the first-created after my work, and that the first seven revolve in the form of the seventh thousand, and that at the beginning of the eighth thousand there should be a time of not counting, endless with neither years nor months nor weeks nor days nor hours" (Secrets of Enoch Chapter 23 verse 1)- even in Leviticus 23:39 (which is also a Sabbath and Holy Convocation) signifying the descent of YAHWEH's Tabernacle to dwell amongst Men. HALLELU-YAH!



Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I have come across people asking me why it is that I mark the DAY OF ATONEMENT (YOM KIPPUR in Hebrew), when Yahshua had died and washed away our sins, and I have always responded with the words- "why not?" Did YAHWEH through Moses not tell us that it "... shall be a statute for EVER (i.e. no end point, at least until HE says so, not even the coming of the Messiah nor his death and resurrection should change that) throughout your generations (hence not meant to end with Moses and the Hebrews who came out of Egypt via YAHWEH's Strong Hand) in all your dwellings (therefore a location outside Israel isn't an excuse for not observing the day)" (Leviticus 23:31).

It matters to me that YAHWEH, through Moses instructed us in the book of Leviticus 23:27 to observe "..a day of atonement: it shall be a HOLY CONVOCATION (a gathering of people/worshippers, such that it cannot be observed in the house or anywhere besides a place where YAHWEH's name is called) unto you; and ye shall AFFLICT your souls (in other words, to deny yourself of ALL pleasures, of which FASTING is key), and offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord (of which we are to offer ourselves only, now as LIVING SACRIFICES - Romans 12:1)"

Besides gathering together to fast (of which the soul which isn't afflicted on the day "shall be cut off from among his people" v. 29) on this day, we are admonished to desist from doing any manner of work on that day (v. 28), as anyone who works on the day "...will I destroy from among his people" (v. 30). The fact that attached to this day are strongly worded repercussions goes a long way in stressing it's importance to YAHWEH'S people and their relationship to HIM. Attempting to test HIS resolve into bringing HIS word to accomplishment will be an attempt in futility. It reminds me of the episode in Eden, where Eve was persuaded to eat of the forbidden fruit because she "... shall not surely DIE", and though she didn't immediately die, she eventually did! One of the things the observation of YAHWEH's feast/laws confers on his people is some kind of covering, a protection from some vagaries of life (not that they won't face life's challenges though) that tends to preserve them from one generation to the other. Have you ever wondered how it was and is, that Israel (despite two major exile conditions and holocaust, amongst other acts of genocide perpetuated on its people over the ages) remains (very influential in all spheres of human activity, contributing immensely to human advancement, with numerous NOBEL PRIZES to its sons and daughters to show for it) today where civilizations, even empires that enslaved them and others who were either at par with or greater than them have totally vanished, some with their name and locations virtually non-existent today besides mere mentions. So when YAHWEH, the master of TIME says he will keep someone, HE isn't referring to just the nearest future, same as when he says someone is to be destroyed, which may mean that even the memory of such a one will be obliterated in the minds of generations to come.

This feast meant from evening to evening (as the Jews count their days) is an opportunity to strengthen the bond of intimacy between us and our Creator. In ancient times, it used to be the day YAHWEH's Name was mentioned in the ears of the people in the temple at Jerusalem once, a major contributor to the loss of the name for some time in antiquity. The name was considered then too Holy to be pronounced or mentioned by just about anybody, hence it's restriction, even unto this day by some section of Jewish society, leading to the alienation of many who rather than opt to be Holy to be able to mention the name, were more comfortable keeping their sinful nature then refer to the MOST HIGH as HA'SHEM ("The Name" in Hebrew, that mustn't be named), creating a huge gulf where a gap, via sin had already exists; a gap which Yahshua through his coming bridged, to allow us easy access to YAHWEH by presenting ourselves just as we are before HIM, with Yahshua as our Mediator, not any man, cleric, medium, spiritualist or the likes.  

It is a day that affords us the opportunity to review how we have lived our lives in the past year, while ensuring to use the clean slate we have once again being availed to work better with YAHWEH than we had done to HIS glory. It also prepares us for the FEAST OF TABERNACLES reminiscent of when YAHWEH will come to dwell amongst HIS people as it used to be before man fell in the Garden of Eden. On this HOLIEST DAY in the Jewish Calendar, may YAHWEH consider us worthy to be in HIS presence regardless of our shortcomings, unworthiness and sins in Yahshua's name, Amin!


N.B. The DAY OF ATONEMENT for this year starts evening of Tuesday 22nd September, to evening of Wednesday 23rd.



Monday, September 21, 2015


They say it isn't good to keep things bottled up for too long, that one will just end up hurting oneself, but how many times have been outspoken helped from making one not hurt? Have the proponents of these not heard that SILENCE is golden? That one doesn't have to say all that one has seen, or heard or felt, or ones reaction to all that?

Keeping silent might mean that one might have to keep the mouth closed, maybe the saliva may become stale and the mouth stink, but talking or expressing what's in one's mind isn't going to make the mouth smell less, when other therapies like just eating, or rinsing the mouth, or brushing the teeth, or chewing gum, swallowing saliva or spitting could do a better job at that.

Silence makes you powerful, as no one can read your thoughts, and what you intend to do with the information at your disposal remains yours alone to ruminate upon. Because you can't be read, you leave them in confusion, they can only speculate as to your possible moves while even when you mistake their intentions, you have the space to manoeuvre because you didn't let anyone in on your intention from the onset.

You can never lose with silence, you can claim wins with silence, because every move regardless of the direction ends up being to your favour in the end. It gives you the opportunity to bargain/negotiate from the position of strength should the need arise for such, because all along you have kept them in the dark, you have kept them guessing. They couldn't tell if you were happy or sad, and when you're celebrating within you the victory, you still don't show it, because you intend to have them feel like they won, while in actual fact you have set them on the road to perdition. Shhhhhhh!



Monday, September 14, 2015


The FEAST OF TRUMPETS (CHAG ROSH HASHANAH in the Hebrew) has come and gone, and I suppose that Jewry worldwide marked it with great pomp, even as the Jewish New Year of 5776 is welcomed. At no time has the spiritual blowing of the trumpet (YOM TERUAH in the Hebrew) become more pertinent than now, especially in accordance with the instructions in Leviticus 23 : 24 that this feast be "...a MEMORIAL of blowing of trumpets, a holy convocation", not the mere physical blowing of trumpets without taking into cognizance the connotations.

Yahshua's directive for us to "WATCH and PRAY" (Matthew 26:14) couldn't be more timely, especially when the feast of Trumpets is viewed in the light of it's APOCALYPTIC SIGNIFICANCE, as regards the prophetic writings of John in the Book of Revelations while on the Island of Patmos. I had written about other aspects of the Feast of Trumpets last week in "THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS | madukovich's cogitations", in case you will like to furnish yourself about the origins of the feast, as prelude to this missive. In that, as with the one I had written years ago about the feast, I had made mention of the use of the trumpet as an object of alarm, to alert the children of YAHWEH to events of the time.

As it was in the past, so we are told it shall be in time to come, only that there is high likelihood that the trumpets sound of the time to come will be inaudible not only to the ears, but even to the hearts and mind not attuned to it. John speaks about seven angels been handed seven trumpets in his vision in Revelations Chapter 8, this after the seventh seal (meant to herald events for the end time, in Chapter 7) was opened. The sounding of each trumpet signaling events of an apocalyptic nature, like

that about the wiping out of a third of trees and plants, of animals, of aquatic life, even of humanity following events such as meteors (described by John as a great mountain burning with fire - Revelations 8:8) cast into the sea (of which a third of it became blood) even disrupting international trade via the seas, or of a star falling upon the third part of rivers and fountains of waters (or better still, "potable water source") leaving the water "bitter", more appropriately "poisonous", such that those who drank of it died; or the smiting of the sun and moon such that a third of them became darkened, leading to longer nights and less than eight hours of day.

John spoke yet of another star falling onto the earth and rather than creating a "crater" (the likes of which we are familiar with, and relate to events that occurred on earth millenia ago), he described as having "the key to the bottomless pit" (Revelations 9:1), in that it bore a hole into the earth so deep that it appeared like it made an endless pit out of which proceeded smoke as with what we experienced in 2010 when the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted in Iceland and disrupted air travel for days on end, only that in this case beyond the smoke a creature like a scorpion came out of the smoke and tormented men (except those who have YAHWEH's seal on their foreheads - Revelations 9:4) for five months without killing them, of which men sought death but death fled from them (Revelations 9:6).

The description of the terror continues even unto Chapter 10 of Revelations, with John foretelling that all of this calamity will not change the mind of the people towards their creator, as like now they will find a natural cause, even science to describe all that is happening, but YAHWEH's people will know, as though the events might be similar to the natural events we are familiar with today, the scale of destruction will be monumental in scope, such as has never been neither will be. Interestingly, Christendom conjured "RAPTURE" out of the blues (of which there is no single mention of anything of the sort anywhere in the scriptures) to "make" Christians disappear and be sequestered somewhere in the skies till these things pass.

As for the believability of what may appear to many as ridiculous and "COCK & BULL", my take is this- Daniel's prophecies where thought of in much the same way, but only a few verses of his visions are yet to come to pass, while the much of it has come to pass over time, as we continue to live in the time he described in his prophecies (a topic for another day). Such was the accuracy of Daniels' prophecies that even the minutiae of the details he mentioned especially as regards the empires that will rule this world have all come to pass, amongst other prophecies, even when I doubt he (like John)understood many of the things he saw and wrote. What we should now do, after the feast is not to be tired of getting ourselves prepared by reading between the lines of world events and how the words of scripture we have heard fit in, so we won't be caught unawares by happenings that will suggest that a trumpet has just sounded, and to know how to appropriately respond. Shalom!


- "THE WORD OF YAHWEH" Copyright 2000


Monday, September 7, 2015


I am very glad to note this morning, that a ban has been placed on movements of articulated heavy duty vehicles on Lagos roads between the hours of 6am and 9pm at night. My joy is not without sadness though, considering that the order which isn't the first time such will be issued, is following an unfortunate incident. I wonder why we have to wait for tragedies to occur to enforce statutory laws in Nigeria, be it in transportation (as in this case), building (following recent cases of building collapses), aviation (with recent helicopter and plane crashes, with fingers now being pointed at use of Kerosene in lieu of JetA-1 for aviation fuel, which I now hear damages turbines of aircrafts), amongst others.

Because of the way this restriction has been procured, as a kneejerk reaction by a concerned governor following an unfortunate incident, it means that as like other times, with the passage of time even without a reversal things will return to status quo, and much of the same things will continue until another avoidable tragedy stares us in the face. This is why the case for the building of institutions must be made and not just of STRONG MEN, only showing up when the condition requires, sometimes with political intentions behind such actions, even when such wasn't the intention of the politician in power (for instance the governor in this case), who then stands to gain political capital following such tragedies. 

If we had institutions performing even at an average of fifty percent, the "fits and starts" situation witnessed in almost all sectors of the socio-econo-political life of Nigeria will not be there. We will not have to wait for a new government to come in to begin to fight corruption just because the former government's BODY LANGUAGE appeared to encourage corruption, when in fact it wasn't that anti-corruption bodies were


proscribed while that government lasted. The right things will be done because regulating authorities, and prosecuting bodies will be alive to their responsibilities. When people talk about how flawed our constitution is, I am quick to remind them that the solution isn't in throwing away what we already have, because even the so called flawed constitution makes space for its own amendments, besides which of the laws therein have we even complied with to the latter? We should start by keeping the laws we all swore to abide by, and because no man made law can be perfect, we should feel free to insist on their amendments to bring them in line with  current realities and dictates of the times.

In forming governments, the idea is that individuals under the space to be governed give up their rights to act as they will in deference to what is desirable by the commonwealth, with some individuals (politicians in government) enabled by the people (via elections) to ensure that all walk within the tenets so laid down, and proffering punishments to such as fall short of these tenets in order to safeguard the society and ensure its survival, even beyond the framers of these laws. Hence, my second area of sadness over the restriction of movements slammed on articulated vehicles, in that nothing was mentioned in regards to punishment either of the erring driver, whose actions and/or inactions may have directly or indirectly contributed to the accident at Ojuelegba which led to the deaths of three people which I wrote about in, neither was anything said in the way of liability placed at the doorstep of the company or firm whose truck caused such needless deaths, and destruction of property, without forgetting the owner of the goods been conveyed in the container, if they aren't one and same.

I would love a situation where beyond all the grandstanding by the new President Muhammadu Buhari-led government to put ALL things right (which is gradually trickling downwards), efforts will be committed to a greater extent (than former President Goodluck Jonathan did with his unassuming presence) to the strengthening of institutions, so that beyond the administration of Buhari, any gains made today and celebrated tomorrow will not become eroded in the nearest future, for which the clamour for another Buhari will become once again pertinent. 


Friday, September 4, 2015


I never thought there could be a day when Nigerians (like Americans who are divided almost evenly into Republican and Democratic Party supporters), will be divided nearly evenly into supporters of the All Progressives Congress, APC and People’s Democratic Party, PDP supporters evenly, enough to pursue relationships along that line, either positively or negatively.

Nigerians aren't new to divisions, in fact since independence and way before that, what has kept Nigerians divided had been religion and ethnicity, and anyone with an iota of discerning spirit knows that the wheel that grinds this country into motion is oiled by those aforementioned ills, and now we have added to that partisan politics. I make bold to say that at no time in Nigeria's history, have the divisive impact of politics been this well rooted, even though on the surface one could point to times in the past when lives were lost following General Elections such as the one we had in March. It is to the credit of former President Goodluck Jonathan that this country did not descend into chaos and war with his timely acceptance of defeat and congratulating then president-elect Muhammadu Buhari with millions of votes to be counted though it had become obvious where the votes will swing.

                                                 PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI

Elections are gone now and what was  considered impossible in Nigeria's history happened, with the victory of an opposition party candidate over an incumbent, and though weeks have passed since that happened the "warring" factions have yet to climb out of their trenches. So we now have a situation where the President Buhari led government and supporters must prove that they can deliver on the promises they made during the campaigns, many of which appear to have now been abandoned (if the BODY LANGUAGE of the president and his handlers are anything to go), in form of denials and the heaping of the blame of such so called promises, on overzealous supporters, while the NEW opposition party, PDP and it's supporters and those who preferred not to vote Buhari pounce on that to play the "I Told You So" tape.

Now on the defensive, against the barrage of criticisms coming from the opposition over every action taken by the president, the presidency and his handlers and supporters have not failed to exploit every opportunity to proclaim the good done by the administration, while the opposition have managed to score some points in having the government acknowledge some of the criticisms, by promising to do better, especially as regards the lopsidedness of the appointments made by the president so far, to the eventual release of preliminary statement regarding the assets of the president and vice president publicly, while the full meat is being awaited once the Code Of Conduct Bureau concludes its investigations on the assets both have declared, for which both sides of the divide are celebrating as victories to their causes.

What the opposition is yet to wrap its head around is the talk of the president's "Body Language" been touted as responsible for any positive happening or the "changing atmosphere", even when nothing was invested in bringing about the "order", while the yet lingering "negatives" is thrown in the direction of the new opposition that had been in power for the past sixteen years. One reality that has come home to all though, is that the fight against CORRUPTION appears to have mellowed with all the hue and cry of expectations and fabrications, finger pointings and media lynching, even by people who should know better have begun to give way to pessimism on the one side, especially of the opposition and fading hope on the other as it begins to look as if change is resembling much of the same, as was with past governments where the anticorruption fight was simply mouthed, or the opposition (to the government, even within the same party) was targeted, including scapegoatism for which just about anybody could be victim.

It has become pertinent, that President Buhari though still riding high on the people's goodwill must not allow himself to be carried away by the praises of sycophants, nor allow himself to be wearied by criticisms, rather he must measure both sides in taking actions, propounding and executing policies that will deliver the dividend of democracy to the majority of the Nigerian populace, as wide as the reach of the federal government can allow.


Thursday, September 3, 2015


A friend of mine visited from Spain a year ago, and was surprised to find heavy duty trucks on the roads of Lagos during the day. She told me that such could never happen in Spain as all movements of heavy duty vehicles is restricted during the day, and at night when they are allowed to move, there are speeds to be maintained, reflector panels, adequate lighting and the likes, with checks both on the drivers' side, as well as on the side of the traffic police to ensure that accidents related to heavy duty vehicles are reduced to the barest minimum.

If memory serves me right, I think the immediate past governor of Lagos (Babatunde Raji Fashola) suggested something of the likes, even making some bridges in Lagos out of bounds to heavy duty vehicles, including fuel tankers and articulated vehicles. Unfortunately, as with everything in Nigeria, "Time erodes the enforcement" of certain laws meant to protect the citizenry, hence yesterday a container-laden truck pulled back while in motion atop the bridge at Ojuelegba, then broke the barriers to fall onto a car and an SUV (while a third was slightly damaged), below. Though official outlets claim only one person died, eyewitnesses claim there were three victims from that incident, which is the latest of several accidents involving heavy duty vehicles including fuel tankers and articulated vehicles in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. Indeed, this latest incident recorded the least number of dead compared to the many others before it this year alone (and that is no good news).


It is interesting how an accident like this which is a pointer to poor maintenance of trucks by drivers, as well as failure to adhere to rules and regulations, such as latching containers properly to trucks, can still be an issue in Lagos, where one couldn't do up to a hundred metres without encountering officials of the FEDERAL ROAD SAFETY COMMISION (FRSC), VEHICLE INSPECTION OFFICE (VIO), LAGOS STATE TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT AGENCY (LASTMA), the Police (and the likes) quizzing and giving ordinary motorists a hard time for minor infringements while looking away (with "greased palms) as these "hazard constituting" truck drivers waltz by.

Just as I was about posting this tonight, I happened upon the nine o'clock News on the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA opening with the tragic news of an accident that happened along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway earlier this morning involving a petrol tanker and a  luxury bus, that led to the death of twenty five people and I just went limp. The case for working hard to stem the tide of these incessant accidents, especially during what is called in this clime "THE -EMBER MONTHS", has never become more pertinent if the lives of the commuting Nigerian is going to continue to matter, and worth more than it currently does. We cannot afford to be desensitized from the victims of these accidents, regardless of their frequency with which these accidents occur.

The agencies tasked with ensuring safety of Nigerian roads must wake up to their responsibility and for once approach their calling methodically if we are to begin to hear less of these accidents, especially those that are due to human error and negligence on the part of all concerned. So sad now!



I am currently experiencing another spell of a lack of initiative to write due to an absentee muse. Interestingly, this time around I do have several subjects to write about but just couldn't bring myself to go ahead. I even started writing a few but saw myself deleting them after a paragraph or two. In fact, this page on which I now write had the beginnings of a subject before I found it unsuitable, and opted for this lament instead. 

I never thought there will be a time that my writings will be moderated by comments from my readers online and outside of it, but that is the reality that has happened to shape the way I write these days, and for me it is progress.
What happened this time mostly was self censorship, and though I couldn't be bothered when putting out my thoughts, especially if there's a lesson or two to be learnt, I have become more circumspect and careful not to be judgemental seeing as one couldn't be said to understand a situation one hasn't experienced. So, when I wanted to write a human angle story and found myself judgmental, I cancelled it.

I have decided to  use this medium, away from my usual space, to ventilate my thoughts about current events in fewer words than I would normally on the usual site, to while away time when my muse for the lengthy and concise fail to show up, with the hope that it will serve audiences not into encyclopedic contents.
The idea is just so I don't dilute the character of the usual blog that I have developed into it's own peculiar nature, while I may freestyle with this when I am not up doing what I have so far come to,be known for. Interestingly, before "MADUKOVICH'S COGITATIONS", I had this but until now I haven't found it easy navigating it.

Even now, my scope is very limited on here, mostly because it is not as easy to use "BLOGGER" on mobile,

as it is with wordpress, but I reckon that with frequent visits here over time, much of the grey areas will take on more distinctive colours.
Before I begin to bore you, I shall stop here, but not without imploring you to join me in this new journey, a new vista to learn another side to blogging. I hope we all find the time here worth its while.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015


It's been a while since I was last here, and that isn't because I haven't been blogging, rather it is because blogging on BLOGGER hasn't been as easy as blogging on wordpress.

While I have done more that 260 blogposts on WORDPRESS, I am still yet to get a hang of how things work here on Blogger. I stumbled on to this today and felt I should make it count.

If peradventure I manage to do this again, sometime soon, you will find me again. For now, I must just relish the moment and hope this post gets published when I click on "PUBLISH".