Monday, September 21, 2015


They say it isn't good to keep things bottled up for too long, that one will just end up hurting oneself, but how many times have been outspoken helped from making one not hurt? Have the proponents of these not heard that SILENCE is golden? That one doesn't have to say all that one has seen, or heard or felt, or ones reaction to all that?

Keeping silent might mean that one might have to keep the mouth closed, maybe the saliva may become stale and the mouth stink, but talking or expressing what's in one's mind isn't going to make the mouth smell less, when other therapies like just eating, or rinsing the mouth, or brushing the teeth, or chewing gum, swallowing saliva or spitting could do a better job at that.

Silence makes you powerful, as no one can read your thoughts, and what you intend to do with the information at your disposal remains yours alone to ruminate upon. Because you can't be read, you leave them in confusion, they can only speculate as to your possible moves while even when you mistake their intentions, you have the space to manoeuvre because you didn't let anyone in on your intention from the onset.

You can never lose with silence, you can claim wins with silence, because every move regardless of the direction ends up being to your favour in the end. It gives you the opportunity to bargain/negotiate from the position of strength should the need arise for such, because all along you have kept them in the dark, you have kept them guessing. They couldn't tell if you were happy or sad, and when you're celebrating within you the victory, you still don't show it, because you intend to have them feel like they won, while in actual fact you have set them on the road to perdition. Shhhhhhh!



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