Thursday, September 3, 2015


I am currently experiencing another spell of a lack of initiative to write due to an absentee muse. Interestingly, this time around I do have several subjects to write about but just couldn't bring myself to go ahead. I even started writing a few but saw myself deleting them after a paragraph or two. In fact, this page on which I now write had the beginnings of a subject before I found it unsuitable, and opted for this lament instead. 

I never thought there will be a time that my writings will be moderated by comments from my readers online and outside of it, but that is the reality that has happened to shape the way I write these days, and for me it is progress.
What happened this time mostly was self censorship, and though I couldn't be bothered when putting out my thoughts, especially if there's a lesson or two to be learnt, I have become more circumspect and careful not to be judgemental seeing as one couldn't be said to understand a situation one hasn't experienced. So, when I wanted to write a human angle story and found myself judgmental, I cancelled it.

I have decided to  use this medium, away from my usual space, to ventilate my thoughts about current events in fewer words than I would normally on the usual site, to while away time when my muse for the lengthy and concise fail to show up, with the hope that it will serve audiences not into encyclopedic contents.
The idea is just so I don't dilute the character of the usual blog that I have developed into it's own peculiar nature, while I may freestyle with this when I am not up doing what I have so far come to,be known for. Interestingly, before "MADUKOVICH'S COGITATIONS", I had this but until now I haven't found it easy navigating it.

Even now, my scope is very limited on here, mostly because it is not as easy to use "BLOGGER" on mobile,

as it is with wordpress, but I reckon that with frequent visits here over time, much of the grey areas will take on more distinctive colours.
Before I begin to bore you, I shall stop here, but not without imploring you to join me in this new journey, a new vista to learn another side to blogging. I hope we all find the time here worth its while.


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